Thursday, October 21, 2004

Feith is a liar!

Now it has come out that Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of Defense, famous for his love of "extending freedom" to the corners of the globe, knowingly provided trumped-up intelligence from foreign sources about a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam. He did so AGAINST CIA requests to delete that information.

See the report by Sen. Carl Levin (D-Michigan, Armed Services Committee Ranking Member). "This is a highly disturbing representation of Undersecretary Feith. ... What we're left with then is a situation where the POLICY office which had a particular perspective, set out to find a close relationship between Saddam/Al Qaeda, distorted intelligence, provided that intelligence to a high-level meeting with government officials, against CIA recommendations, and unbeknownst to the CIA, he was highly critical of the CIA's take, and then we find the administration now having received this alternative source of intelligence supporting their predisposition to attack Iraq from the policy office which is not supposed to make intelligence analyses at all... and they used this information in the face of contradictory critical information about whether Al Qaeda and Saddam were linked." (slightly paraphrased from his CSPAN speech)

Basically, the US government got doctored intelligence from one of their own lackies in the Defense Department policy office, so that they could justify going to war.

I find this to be highly disturbing yet completely expected. OF COURSE some hawk in the defense department knowingly provided false information to a Bush who was already drooling to invade Iraq from the beginning of his term. Of course.

The question is now, how do we bring the CRIMINAL DOUGLAS FEITH TO JUSTICE?

Of course CNN's coverage of this story, buried DEEP in their site, frames it entirely as a political move on the part of democrats to tarnish Bush prior to the election. Clearly however, it is CNN who is complicit with the Bush agenda and is deliberately suppressing this new information about the false information, knowing that its dissemenation would undermine TimeWarner's conservative agenda.

The Defense Department's lame response to these allegations does not specifically address any of Levin's accusations and simply makes blanket statements in an attempt to dismiss the report as a pre-election, partisan attempt against Bush.

Yet the full text of Levin's report is hard to ignore.


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