Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I admit it. I'm depressed about politics since Bush won, and that's why I haven't been writing in here. I feel like I live in a nation full of deceived idiots. Either that, or there was election fraud related to the electronic voting machines. Whatever the case, it's disgusting and the upcoming Iraqi "election" is sure to be a spectacle of mismanaged mayhem.

The most recent thing that caught my interest politically was the confirmation of Apartmentleeezzza. Man, if she tried to lease a condo from me, I would deny the application -- and not because she's black, but because she's EVIL. Yes, Condoleezza Rice is most certainly the child of Satan. And now she's going to be the Secretary of State, which Colon Power was. Can we not have a primary diplomat whose name does not sound like a disease? And who is not a stooge?

Another item of interest was the recent killing of a Coptic Egyptian family in New Jersey. All these Christians there blame it on the Muslims and there was damn near a riot.

Meanwhile, up the street in NYC, at Columbia University, some Jewish American Princesses are accusing various Islamic professors there of "intimidating" them. LOL~! Since when were professors not allowed to intimidate students? I mean, Jesus H. Christ, if I had a dime for every time a professor made me feel "intimidated"... that's their fucking job! @@ Preposterous. These Islamic professors, who are supposedly pro-Palestinian, are under serious fire now. One of them said, "These are the dark ages." I tend to agree.

It reminds me of something that happened while I was at Reed. An African-American professor by the name of Pancho Savery was picked on for his decidedly anti-white-intellectual-establishment bias. He stems from the same polemical tradition (at least in spirit) as many feminists: assault the ivory tower with bent rhetoric in its own hallowed halls. Suffice it to say that racist grafiti calling for his hanging (amont other things) has appeared in various spots around campus, and caused a huge uproar at Reed. Of course, that didn't make the NY Times, but it made my blog.

Mainly, apart from everything else, I'm just appalled that no one has found a way to impeach W. yet. What gives? I mean, they got Clinton on basically a technicality, yet Bush himself has perpetrated a far greater lie on the American people. The impingements on personal freedom that he has permitted are an outrage -- such as the impassable barricade around the PUBLIC park that is next to the White House.

May God help us all.


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