Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I'm at CampFire USA's afterschool program now at a local middle school here in Portland, teaching some kids how to do blogging. Some of em are more interested than others but anyway, that's kids for ya.



At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure something out. What exactly is the point of this blog? I notice you post in it alot. Is it merely for you to "hear yourself talk,” since the distinct lack of comments proves no one else is reading...

Also, you are confusing being “mad” with being boring.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger J. S. Gilbert said...

This guy's just mad because I posted a similar post on his blog about the NY Times Wedding Section, where I asked what the point of his blog was. I guess he was offended LOL.

Anyway no one reads my blog here, so far, because it's new and I've made no efforts to promote it. And the point of this blog is to express my political views, and practice writing, among other things.

I guess if you find making fun of people's wedding announcements exciting, then reading about politics would be boring, so I'll grant you that one LOL.


At 7:34 AM, Blogger Zach said...

I didn't leave the above comment, J. Keep digging.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger museAmuse said...

First of all Anonyms (and why Anonym?) post is a contradiction in itself.

“Nobody reads this post,…” but apparently Anonym has read it albeit found it boring.

Secondly, the lack of comments is no sign of a post not being read. In fact thoughtful postings do not necessarily provoke same kind of mass pop-reactions as sensational news materials do.

Although I do not agree to many of the harsh judgments about the republicans evident here, but it sure is relief to know that USA is a democracy in a way still, where not every body thinks the same. There seems to be gradual change in American consens occurring, and future Americans may distance themselves from present, as they did from Nixon or Johnson. Mind you I am not comparing anyone, but happy to observe the fact that America is not a nation of inculcated homogenous flag-carrying idiots of totalitarian state, no matter what type of personal views, mad or sane ( adjectives that can really apply to all phenomena, depending upon who is judging and when something is being judged).

In fact if a potential terrorist (who may be a fanatic) or more importantly the implicit tolerating social-consens of certain people, his peers or role-models, that lends a sort of legitimacy to his actions and reinforces his convictions or the people financing him would read this blog, they would be stupefied and probably loose their moral will power to do harm to America or Americans.

Gilbert, not unlike me, despite his harshness, seems to be a human being first and than an American. Sign of the times after particularly harsh periods of history!

Such personal attitude as evident here, would could also mean a positive reinforcements of the critical liberal population in these countries, who are tired of being distracted from their real problems by being presented the picture of America as Satan and the two could join forces in a constructive way, and instead focus more on the real issues than spending their resources in the service of a primitive rallying demagogic cries against subtly self-created devils! Believe me or not, I have met Bedouins, Muslims and the true sons of the Earth they live upon in Sinai, Egypt, who wished back the Jewish Rule! They had seen some betterment of their personal lives and the infrastructure, which is now in marauding in the hands of an anarchistic corruption!
Americans can not bring free-speech to Iraq, if they shut up people like Gilbert, no matter how radical his views, and that is something Anonym may be trying to do.

Gilbert, I don’t personally favor your anti-republican sentiments, but I find your points for simple resolution of the problems, well worth being noticed by American citizens, problems, all kinds of problems, highlighted in different perspectives, can go a long way in increasing our knowledge of the subject under study.

And you comparison to Rome! Well Troy as a city existed for thousands of years (often rebuilt). But some time or other, they all melt into sea, like castles made of sand.(Jimi Hendrix)

Lastly I would wish however that, Gilbert and others like him, would try to call less names or curse the republicans, and instead concentrate more on objective comparisons and may be give voice to some third emerging power, that is not necessarily one of the two main established Ideologies and still in need of a political representation in USA.


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