Thursday, February 03, 2005

Give them some guns!

I read that a bunch of Iraqi soldier-trainees were summarily shot as they were forced off of their transport bus and into the street by insurgents.

What? They didn't have their own guns, these trainees? Why not? Lets arm the Iraqi soldiers already, OK?

Wait a second, didn't Iraq used to have the "fourth largest standing army in the world"? I remember hearing all about that back in '91. What happened to all those trained soldiers, all those Republican Guard? Where are they now, and why don't they cherish their newfound freedoms?

Oh wait, I forgot, they ARE the insurgents.

I'm also at a loss as to how in the world Bush can say that Iraq is a major front in the war on terrorism, and how us being in a war there somehow prevents terrorists from attacking us here at home.

What terrorists are we battling there? Are the insurgents equivalent to terrorists, just because they use similar rhetoric and receive support from Al Qaeda? Or is it more that they are not terrorists, but rather, they are insurgents (aka guerillas), and it is simply that the USA is the mutual enemy of both them and Al Qaeda, so they work together against us?

I'm sure this is a very complicated question but clearly Bush's overly simplistic rhetoric does no service as a just answer to it. Rather he continues to blur the line in the mind of Americans, just as he did before the war started in his fallacious suppositions that Saddam was somehow in bed with Al Qaeda -- a fact that has never been proven.

Oh, you may label me a "liberal" and say that I hate America. If you do then you're full of shit. Because neither am I a "liberal" nor do I hate America. I'm a modarchist (I'm not "left" or "center" or "right" but rather "distributed") and I hate Republicans and Democrats, but especially Republicans.

Now I got to go back to work...

JSG Signing Off


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