Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tired of Talking Points

I'm sick of Republican talking points. Which ones? All of them, really, but there are a few that have really stuck in my craw lately.

One of them is, "Liberals/Democrats can only criticize Conservatives/Republicans but aren't putting forward any goals of their own, and the only ones that they would put forward, they know would never garner them any votes."

So here are some policy goals:

1) Reform the voting system to eliminate long lines at the booth.

2) Require mandatory voting for all Social Security Card holders (i.e. all US citizens).

3) Pull out all troops from Iraq/Afghanistan and station them along the US border with Mexico.

4) Raise teacher salaries to $60k/year minimum and require a graduate degree.

5) Constitutionalize a woman's right to choose.

6) End all Geneva Convention violations by the US military.

7) Declare peace with militant Islamism on the condition that we will no longer interfere with their countries if they no longer attack us either.

8) End all foreign aid to Israel because it incites militant Islamists to target us. Let them handle their own problems.